Displays and 3D Interactions


When working in groups, we often conduct face-to-face meetings to accelerate the exchange of ideas or opinions, or to complete a cooperative task. Collaboration, a natural and efficient approach to problem solving, has been one of the most challenging topics in HCI studies. We are conducting research to facilitate face-to-face collaboration during group meetings or discussions. Collaborative table displays are designed to enhance functions of ordinary meeting tables to support small-group collaborative activities and have lately considerable attention.
We have proposed several types of displays with our unique ideas and interaction technologies to make better use of these display systems.

3D motion tracking is one key technology in computer animation, virtual reality, natural user interface, and so on. Over the last thirty years numerous projects with various approaches have developed motion tracking systems, including mechanical, ultrasonic, magnetic, and optical schemes. Interest has also been growing in the motion tracking of small targets in complex environments and tracking subtle movements. For example, the behavior analysis of insects or other small creatures in the earth will contribute to the growth of biology or related sciences, and the precise analysis of dexterous finger motions will be useful for professional techniques or the skills required for traditional handcrafts or medical procedures. Unfortunately, common existing tracking systems cannot satisfy the requirements of these tasks because the targets are too small and their motions are complex and easily occluded.
Thus, we propose a novel magnetic motion tracking system with multiple tiny, identifiable, wireless, occlusion-free markers that provides reasonable accuracy, a reasonable update rate, and an appropriate working space for natural dexterous 3D interaction.


Magnetic Motion Tracking System for Dexterous 3D Interactions


Coupled-Clay: Physical-Virtual 3D Collaborative Interaction Environment


Visibility Control using Revolving Polarizer

Visibility Control using Revolving Polarizer

Flexible Interactions in Multi-Display Environment


SharedWell: A Display Table for Strategic Negotiations


IllusionHole: Interactive Stereoscopic Display for Three or More Users


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