Interactive Content Visualization

We are conducting research to develop technologies of interactive content visualization. Now, the opportunity that people take digital photos and look at the photos on display is increasing. Various requirements for photo arrangements can be flexibly replaced or add through the interaction. There are many tools and techniques that achieve the requirements, however their purpose is fixed as for way to display or select condition to replace photos.

D-Flip: Dynamic, Flexible, and Interactive Display Method for Digital


We propose D-FLIP, a novel algorithm which can display many digital photos dynamically by moving each photo according to local relationships among adjacent photos all the time.

D-FLIP Paintings

We propose a new technique which can display pictures interactively and dynamically according to the situation using D-Flip algorithm. And we try to apply this research to school education or looking at art.

D-FLIP for Multi-dimensional Data Visualization

We propose D-FLIP, a dynamic and flexible interface which enables to visualize digital photo collections and their metadata using multiple dimensions (up to 4D).



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