Living Wall Display

Living Wall Display displays interactive content on a mobile wall screen that moves in concern with content animation. In addition to the audio-visual information, the display dynamically changes its position and orientation, responding to the content animation triggered by user interactions for augmentaion of the intaraction experience. We implement three proof of concept prototypes (FPS Shooting Game, Drive Simulation, Baseball Pitching Simulation) that represent pseudo force impact of the interactive content using physical screen movement.



  • Yuki Onishi, Yoshiki Kudo, Kazuki Takashima, Anthony Tang, Yoshifumi Kitamura, The Living Wall Display: Physical Augmentation of Interactive Content Using an Autonomous Mobile Display, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2018, Emerging Technologies, 2018, Dec (to be demonstrated on 5-7, Dec, 2018) [PDF]


  • Yuki Onishi, Anthony Tang, Yoshiki Kudo, Kazuki Takashima, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Exploring Living Wall Display that Physically Augments Interactive Content, Transactions of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan, Vol.24, No.3, pp. 197-207, September 2019 [PDF]
  • 大西 悠貴,工藤 義礎,高嶋 和毅,北村 喜文, 自走式ディスプレイの並進と回転を用いたコンテンツ表現の拡張の試み, エンタテインメントコンピューティング2017論文集,P383-384, 2018, ベストデモ賞受賞 [PDF]