TransformTable:A Self-Actuated Shape-Changing Digital Table

We suggest interactive digital table that automatically achieve tabletop shape shifting. Users do not have to move or change the tables for different situations, TransformTable provide appropriate tabletop according to the user number and their spatial behavior, thus keep a comfortable and efficient workspace.

We proposes TransformTable, an interactive digital table, whose shape can be physically and dynamically deformed. Shape transformations are mechanically and electrically actuated by wireless signals from a host computer. TransfomTable represents digital information in a physically changeable screen shape and simultaneously produces different spatial arrangements of users around the table. This provides visual information while changing the physical workspace to allow users to effectively handle their tasks. We implemented the first TransformTable prototype that can deform from/into one of three typical shapes: round, square, or rectangular. We also discuss implementation methods and further application designs and scenarios. A preliminary study shows fundamental and potential social impacts of the table transformation on users’ subjective views in a group conversation.



  • Kazuki Takashima, Naohiro Aida, Hitomi Yokoyama and Yoshifumi Kitamura: TransformTable: a self-actuated shape-changing digital table,
    Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, pp. 179-188, October 2013.[PDF]


  • 高嶋和毅,会田直浩,横山ひとみ,北村喜文: TransformTable: 人の空間配置を動的に変化させる自律変形デジタルテーブル, インタラクション, 2014 3月.