We present an intuitive 3D user interface with metaphor of world tree and blocks in VR that allows users to explanatively and enjoyably design a world. HMD users can grasp, move, and rotate the blocks-shaped content floating around the working area in VR by using a finger-tracker or controllers. We developed “VR Safari Park” as an educational application using this explorative interface, User can create a world through connecting blocks to the world tree connector and enjoy interaction with animals.



  • Shotaro Ichikawa, Kazuki Takashima, Anthony Tang, Yoshifumi Kitamura
    VR Safari Park: A Concept-based World Building Interface using Blocks and World Tree,
    VRST’18, November 28- December 1, 2018, Tokyo, Japan


  • 市川 将太郎,高嶋 和毅,石川 美笛,北村 喜文,
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  • 市川 将太郎, 高嶋 和毅, 北村 喜文,
    世界樹とブロックのメタファによる探索型インタフェースを活用したVR Safari Parkの試作,