December 14-17, 2021

SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 was held at Tokyo International Forum and online.
Pascal Chiu served as the SV Subchair (SVSC), and Maakito Inoue and Akito Iizuka joined as Student Volunteers and involved in the conference.

December 8-10, 2021

ACM VRST 2021 (The Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology) was held at Osaka University Hall and online.
Associate Prof. Kazuki Takashima served as the Program Chair, and Assistant Prof. Kazuyuki Fujita served as the Communication Chair and Poster/Demo Chair. Ms. Yuki Onishi served as the Student Volunteer Chair, and 9 students joined as the Student Volunteers involved in the organization of the conference.
Mr. Pascal Chiu made oral presentation and Tatsuki Takano made demo presentation. Mr. Keito Uwaseki received Best Student Volunteer Award.

Prof. Yoshifumi Kitamura served as the VRST steering committee chair.

December 2, 2021

We had an online laboratory mutual visit with University of Calgary Interaction Lab.

September 28-29, 2021

Online lab tour for 3rd year undergraduates was held.

We also held a small group face-to-face lab tour for students who had made a reservation in advance.

August 31, 2021

Promotional movie of our laboratory (2021 version) is now available.

May 7-17, 2021

ACM CHI 2021 (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) was held online (originally in Yokohama).

Prof. Yoshifumi Kitamura served as the General Chair, Assistant Prof. Kaori Ikematsu served as the Assistant to General Chairs, and Ms. Xiyue Wang joined as the SV Local Support Chair and involved in the organization of the conference.

Assistant Prof. Kazuyuki Fujita, Mr. Isamu Endo, Mr. Linfeng Chen, Ms. Xiyue Wang and Ms. Yuki Onishi made oral presentations.

April 23, 2021

In our lab, we hold meetings in a hybrid style, which is a combination of on-site seminar room sessions and online sessions, and this was featured in an NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) program.

March 21, 2021

“”10th Anniversary of ICD Lab! Meetup of alumni and current students!”” was held online.